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Starr Farish introduction to Atmanjai Egypt Wellness detox yoga - INTRODUCTION

Starr Farish introduction to Atmanjai Egypt Wellness detox yoga - INTRODUCTION - Atmanjai Egypt Detox, Yoga, Fitness & Wellness

To begin, it should be stated that the wellness/detox program we offer is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice. Rather, what we present is a different approach to living by breaking old unhealthy habits together with suggestions for a new and healthier lifestyle. Our approach focuses on natural procedures and living with nature harmoniously. While living on nature’s terms may seem.

The program that is offered here is without gimmicks and is designed to individually address your commitment and desire. In recognition, you must thank the owners of the Amer Corporation of introducing this to the Egyptian people. 

This introduction from Amer group is full of good intentions and love and desire to help the people of Egypt be well.

We have been asked to expand Atmanjai on many continents from Hong Hong-Kong to Barcelona to the Caribbean, Panama, Australia and so on. But we have been reluctant to do so because those wanting us to construct a detox center on their home turf had money as their main focus and that should not be the primary objective. There is nothing wrong with making money and everyone must have access to it but if that is the main focus

rather than the healing aspect it becomes just another corporate entity desirous of expanding its influence and power. And while the Atmanjai program has had amazing results for thousands of clients and would be relatively easy to promote, the focus must be on helping people to become healthier and not focusing on simply taking money from them.

Education is lacking for promoting natural living and we are constantly bombarded by advertisements for junk food, processed food  pharmaceuticals  drugs that seemingly can correct any problem. It doesn’t take a genius to acknowledge that drug company’s primary focus is on increasing their bottom line or as the president of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals stated, “Our primary concern is our stockholders.”

Nature does not make mistakes and it was here prior to us occupying the planet and it will be here after we have long gone. But what are we doing to nature? It seems that there is no end to our destructive mannerisms whether they be; 

1) contamination of the oceans (cesium from nuclear reactors together with wastewater being introduced into the ocean), 

2) the contamination of our atmosphere (how many cities advised wearing face masks even before the recent pandemic), 

3) the alterations and sometimes poisoning of our food supply (Monsanto attempting to gain control of our seed supply, introducing genetically modified foods, and poisoning the soil with herbicides and pesticides leaving  the next generation of crops modified and/or unhealthy), 

4) exposure to the bombardment of intense microwave energy (which the electrical fields in our body have a difficult time adjusting to).

So what can you do? 

That is the reason this program is being introduced. You can enjoy a new body full of energy and life by removing yourself from the corporate greed we have all been exposed to which will be explained during the program. And you have an advantage by coming to this resort to begin your program which is to remove yourself from any stress situations that you may be experiencing.

You cannot detox properly while experiencing stress and the best way to avoid stress is to put down your Internet devices and, of course, break away from your regular work and home environment is a plus. Realize that the stress thoughts you have jumping around in your head are primarily 80% the same thoughts you had yesterday and your mind is in a whirlwind of repeating them. Is this necessary?  Meditation may be the key to relaxing your mind.

Hopefully before totally entering this program you will have done a few days of pre-detox by eliminating sugar in all its forms and processed carbohydrates from your diet. Also If you are truly committed you may want to avoid any snacking in between meals. Just push the snack to your next meal and avoid eating it beforehand. Snacking inadvertently raises your blood sugar which will then 

demand more insulin and that affects the energy the body requires. As you become involved with our program your body will desire less and less sugar products because it will be operating on a more natural basis.

And what are the natural foods to support your physical body? Our bodies operate from 6 to 8 Hz as does the energy of the Earth and we are all in sympathy with our earth mother are we not? Consequently, natural unprocessed foods from the earth are the primary source of a good diet. 

There are 3 basic steps to the detoxing the 1st of which is to remove the waste from the many cells, then convert that waste and dead cell material so that it is water soluble, And then to dispose of it. I know this sounds relatively easy and it is if you follow the program because it will progress automatically.

The process goes something like this: 1) you will be reducing the fat in your liver which is a problem for 80% of the adults of any developed nation’s inhabitants. The liver produces 500 different job functions and your body is only as healthy as your liver. Once the fat has been removed from your liver and many of your

organs have been stabilized to do their actual functions, you will, 2) begin to lose belly and thigh fat. That may not be right away because the body will be using the fats already accumulated for energy. It takes 2 to 4 weeks to generally reduce the liver fat and isn’t that amazing! In other words depending on your age and the contaminants you have ingested up to this point in your life, they will determine the length of time to clean your liver. The goal of a detox program is not to lose weight although that will naturally occur as you as you get your body into a more natural state.

After completing the program there are additional aspects that you should incorporate into your daily lifestyle that will provide you with more amazing benefits. They are not difficult and will be explained to you during the program. They are ways of natural living that you probably already know about but because of a lack of determination or education you have inadvertently dismissed.

Perhaps it is important to note how this program came into existence. It was devised by a Dr. Bernard Jensen, a world renowned iridologist, who stated that that he had developed a program wherein he was able to get in 7 days the same results that that he was getting while treating his patients for 5 years with a perfect diet and herbs. Now that’s something to think about especially in our whirlwind world of today as everyone wants a quick fix.

Iridology is a wonderful diagnostic tool. It is an inspection of the Iris in each eye. Being an iridologist, Dr. Jensen could observe each organ as it healed and the organs that were Impaired, etc. The eyes are the only part of the brain that is exposed and each eye has more than 200,000 nerve endings connecting with each and every organ in the body. During decades of study, Dr. Jensen was able to read in the Iris the wellness of each organ and then devise a plan for its healing. But, since all organs are not independent, but connected in some manner to all other organs, he began treating not just an organ but the entire body and obtained amazing results that were immediately reflected in the Iris. 

His diagnoses were very accurate and he was challenged by the prestigious Mayo Clinic, USA, to diagnose 32 of their patients and present his findings to the research center. He was able to determine low grade infections and weaknesses of any organ, low grade infection wherever it was present, and inherited problems throughout the body. One patient he diagnosed with the right thyroid being overactive and the left thyroid underactive which he could see by the difference in each iris whereas the research center’s testing indicated normalcy. Six months later he received a call from the Mayo Clinic who asked him how he had done it as he was 100% correct in all his diagnoses. In other words he could perform diagnosis that medical society could not. And he could see the beginnings of healings in various organs that the clinic could not test for. Everything he did was done naturally and in accordance with nature.

If you are interested in knowing the condition of various organs in your body perhaps you might consider having an iridology diagnosis. Atmanjai maintains a diagnostician on staff that is amazing and, while she is not physically in our presence, a picture of the Iris(s) are forwarded it to her, she analyses it, and then does a sit down Internet session with the patient. Can you imagine having a physical diagnosis of problems of weak and strong organs, organs that are repairing or problems that you have inherited from your father or mother and diagnosed quickly and without medical or hospital intervention?


Some scientists believe we have 6 trillion cells in our body while other scientists think it may be closer to 60 trillion, and there are 38 billion active cells changes every second. And to think that you can enhance the natural function of all those cells by getting your body in order through detox and changing of lifestyle.

Take care of your wellness – So you won’t have to deal with sickness.

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