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Observing our society from a health standpoint

Observing our society from a health standpoint - Part 1 - Atmanjai Egypt Detox, Yoga, Fitness & Wellness

Since being in the health industry for so long, I have seen many people coming through the doors of Atmanjai’s Detox and Wellness Center. As such, I would like to share with you my observations on why we are the way we are as a society; with the hopes that you can learn and understand the concept of poor health as well as the detriment it has on society and ultimately on yourself.

If you explore the 5 leading causes of death in our society today, you will grow to learn that they are all MAN MADE! Cancer, Heart Disease, Blood Disease, Diabetes and Emphysema! How are they caused? Well, simply due to our disastrous way of living and our poor lifestyle choices. Funny to imagine that our biggest risks are residing within us and that we are the main threat to our health and the very body in which we encompass.

People always ask me: “What contributes to our poor health?”
1) Our shift from natural food sources into processed, lack of nutrient based foods which are full of toxins and chemicals.
2) Consistently and actively being a part of a stressful environment and not allowing yourself the time to breathe, connect and become present
3) Allowing technology to completely monopolize our life, staring at
screens and allowing ourselves to always be accessible and available to others Now, let’s shift our focus towards the intake of bad food and unhealthy choices.

Bad Food is considered a “food source” lacking in nutrients. It is food that doesn’t provide us with the nutrients our system needs. In addition, this food is generally filled with toxins and chemicals which cause health related issues and gut problems.

ALL processed food, if consumed for a long period of time will eventually damage our system in a slow, reactive and depleting manner. Affecting all our tissues and organs.

With the above information, it is now time to make healthier choices and create better eating habits. Remember, our eating habits are a learnt behavior which is often fed to us through the media and online sources. They push us to believe that the food out on the shelves that last years are actually good for our system? Now, it’s up to you to recognize and become aware that they offer no valuable nutrients to our body! We need to shift our focus towards eating
the correct food which actually supports our organs and cells. Let’s consume foods which have effective minerals, enzymes and vitamins that support our body’s structure.

Where are these foods found? NATURE OF COURSE! But more importantly, plants, plants and well, plants. Consuming a plant based diet will allow you to receive the maximum nutrients to support a healthy system. Remember, we only increase in weight when we choose to consume the wrong foods that compromise our body’s natural ability to function.

Come to Atmanjai to learn more about yourself and get the tools to feel and be well!

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