There will never be a dull moment during your stay in Atmanjai Egypt.
Besides the program, here are a few things to do in Atmanjai Egypt.

Sandy Beaches

Begin your quick road trip just to arrive in luxury, where you may enjoy your warmer months' flip-flops, warmer temperature, sunlight, and enthralling sea air all year.

The Beach Fitness Center

You can get fitness training at the beach center. This is the only gym available for about an hour's drive from home.

Infinity Beach Jacuzzi

The Infinity beach jacuzzi, together with the warm weather of Ain Sokhna, will captivate you.

Stretching Exercises each day at our venue.

With our daily free strengthening exercises, you can improve your health and unwind.

Yoga is done daily on the beach.

You can feel comfortable and hassle-free by following yoga sessions on a daily basis on the beach.


Enjoy the greatest photography ever from the marina or directly on the beach; record the beautiful dawn from your accommodation balcony. You also have the option of capturing captivating images, which will make the entire experience unforgettable for the rest of your life.

Team of animation

You can have unforgettable memories with our animation crew company for the whole day, from day to night. You can feel relaxed with this team along with your friends and children. Our crew is a joy to work with.


Do you have an interest in playing volleyball? If this is the case, you may spend your time cheerfully playing volleyball with your friends and children at our venue.


102 Km Zaafarana Road, Ain Sokhna, AIN SOKHNA, 43111.


Reception: +20 (0) 127 030 4585
Yasmeen Detox Director: +20 (12) 7864 0812